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It’s Mutated!

Horrible news. The virus as mutated – a new variant has been identified – and infections are increasing exponentially in my area. It’s awful. Back to being terrified again after all the hope the development of the vaccine brought. Now there are only questions:

  • how has it mutated?
  • is it more infectious?
  • is it more dangerous?
  • will the vaccine still work?
  • if you’ve had one vaccine for one strain of virus, can you have another vaccine for another strain?

It looks as if it’s going to be a very quiet Christmas. Perhaps just us three in the house, seeing no-one, going nowhere. How frustrating. The kids are going to be irreversibly addicted to their screens! I suppose it’s a small price to pay. We all need to be super careful from now on. Just in case…

It’ll be so nice when, one of these days, we can stop living in fear.

A Covid-19 Vaccine

An effective working vaccine is very close now. It’s all over the news. The markets are surging with joy! This first one is an RNA vaccine, a type of vaccine which uses a tiny fragment of the virus’ own genetic code to make part of the virus inside the body so it is recognised by the immune system as foreign. It then gets attacked and destroyed. Early studies show that it can protect more than 90% of people from developing symptoms, which is more effective than anyone could have hoped for. Its developers, Pfizer and BioNTech, said it has been tested on 43,500 people with no safety concerns raised, and is set to be put forward for immediate emergency approval.

No RNA vaccines have ever before been developed for use in humans so it’s all very new. But everyone is so hopeful and excited by it. This is how it works:

They say that the first vaccinations may be given before Christmas 2020.

Isn’t that something?!

People will be ranked by age, with the under 50s the last to receive it. Residents and workers in care homes, and health workers, will be top of the priority list.

Fair enough, I say.

The Virus Has Mutated

17 million mink on farms in Denmark have been killed because a mutated version of Covid-19 has been found which could reduce the effectiveness of a future vaccine against the disease.

So because humans want to wear the fur of mink as a fashion statement, millions of animals spend short, miserable lives in prison before being murdered because humans want to protect themselves from a virus they gave themselves because of their cruelty to wild animals.

What do you call that?


On the day of the American Presidential election, when Joe Biden looks as if he may actually get enough votes to win (please God), and Donald Trump is screaming electoral fraud, demanding that vote counting be stopped, and stoking the possibility of violence at the ballot box, England has entered the first day of the second national lockdown.

It’s also fireworks night. Celebrations are muted this year. A couple of hours of fireworks going off in people’s back gardens, hand-held sparklers in the porch by the front door, and then silence. No big displays this year. The kids are normally disturbed by loud noises and screaming fireworks until about midnight and beyond, but this year it’s deadly quiet by 9:00pm. Which is strange (but good).

I’m pretty tired. I need the weekend to recoup – I need to spend some time in bed. I need rest. Things have been so busy and non-stop lately. And the weather’s turned cold, although still not nearly as cold as it should be at this time of year compared to my childhood when it was frost and hats and gloves.

For three weeks before the lockdown I asked Jack if he would please allow me to take him to the barbers for a haircut, but each time he loudly protested. “I will NEVER get a haircut!” ADHD/ASC means he doesn’t answer questions politely or reasonably, or even sensibly. Each week it was the same answer. NEVER.

ON THE DAY OF LOCKDOWN, TODAY, Jack asks for a haircut. Practically begs for one. All hairdressers are closed of course so there’s no chance for a haircut for a month at the very least, but he was inexplicably suddenly desperate, so I had to do a DIY session with him standing in the bath and me wielding a beard trimmer (I don’t have a pair of clippers). I didn’t get a chance to get my own highlights done, so I’m going to be going grey for Christmas. I wish I’d organised a trip to the hairdressers before lockdown started. Too late now.

Ah well, perhaps I’ll wake up tomorrow to hear that Biden has officially won. That’ll take a great weight off my shoulders, if not the entire’ world’s shoulders. We want to see the back of the pouting, tantrumming man-child that’s occupied The Whitehouse for four excruciating years.

I Don’t Want To Get It

I’ve had it once. I really don’t want to get coronavirus again. But my terrible, unhappy feeling is that it’s inevitable. With two children at school how am I going to avoid it? On the news this morning there was a report about an American man who got Covid-19 in March, tested positive, recovered and tested negative, but a few months later got a new infection and tested positive again – but this time the disease was much worse. How terrifying is that? I dread getting it again. It’s a very frightening thought. I live in a constant state of mild fear, like millions of other people, just waiting for it to come and get me, waiting for suffering. I secretly want to take the kids out of school and hide away at home until this second wave passes. If the situation starts to get really bad again, I might just do that. It’s a very difficult decision to make, I don’t know whether the school would allow it, and it really complicates everything. But if I feel it’s a question of protecting my life, I might just do it.

NHS page to help deal with anxiety about the virus.