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This time two years ago…


“Mum is struggling after coming home from hospital ten days ago. Although she’s up and about, she’s not back to her usual self physically or psychologically. In fact, the personality change is the most troubling thing. She’s extremely tense, as if in a state of perpetual fear. She had an apparent bad reaction to the anaesthetic and although she was given a powerful anti-sickness injection, a day after she arrived home the nausea and trembling began again. I’ve never seen her so weak and unwell. She could barely open her eyes or move. She was white as a sheet and complaining of dizziness, nausea, trembling and weakness. She couldn’t eat and could barely drink. She couldn’t walk. A doctor was called to her bedside and diagnosed a possible post-op infection and Meniere’s Disease — which was unexpected and seemed strange to me, but my mum accepted it straight away. I’m more inclined to think it’s something to do with the operation or the anaesthetic. She was fine before the op, desperately ill afterwards. It would be a huge coincidence if she suddenly got Meniere’s Disease in that short time, but maybe the operation has sparked it off, if that’s possible? I don’t know. But for the last week or so she’s been taking new medication prescribed by the doctor which has given some relief, and she does seem to be recovering. I feel uneasy about it though. Something doesn’t feel right. I’ve tried to say this a few times but she’s not interested. She wants to accept the easiest and first diagnosis, and while she’s weak and ill I’m not going to press my point, she’s in enough distress as it is.”

A month ago mum finally got a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. It was as I feared. It’s interesting how I diagnosed her with the condition two years before the medical profession got round to it. She’s now on medication to help curtail the symptoms but her leg is still painful every day all day, and the “internal jitteriness” (as she describes it) has not gone away. They haven’t given her a CT scan of her brain yet so I’m not sure how they can be so certain of a Parkinson’s diagnosis. I agree her symptoms are in line with the disease but it could still be something else. Something really bad. Here’s hoping she’s not too long on the waiting list.