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It Is Upon Us

It’s the middle of October 2020, and the world is now deep into a second wave of Covid-19, Europe especially. It’s relentless and terrifying and has many of us cowering in our homes. We wash our hands and wear our masks, but in many ways it’s up to chance. Even though we take precautions we get it anyway. Since I’m convinced I already had it in April, I have many questions… that can’t be answered.

Am I immune to getting it? If so, for how long?
Will the illness be worse if I get it a second time? There are reports of people who have been confirmed as having had it twice with the second infection more severe than the first.
Will schools close again? Will I have to do the dreaded home schooling?
Will there be another national lockdown? If so, for how long? At the moment, the area where I live has the least stringent rules. We are Tier 1. Medium.

And lastly, what is this irritating dry cough I suddenly have?

I Don’t Want To Get It

I’ve had it once. I really don’t want to get coronavirus again. But my terrible, unhappy feeling is that it’s inevitable. With two children at school how am I going to avoid it? On the news this morning there was a report about an American man who got Covid-19 in March, tested positive, recovered and tested negative, but a few months later got a new infection and tested positive again – but this time the disease was much worse. How terrifying is that? I dread getting it again. It’s a very frightening thought. I live in a constant state of mild fear, like millions of other people, just waiting for it to come and get me, waiting for suffering. I secretly want to take the kids out of school and hide away at home until this second wave passes. If the situation starts to get really bad again, I might just do that. It’s a very difficult decision to make, I don’t know whether the school would allow it, and it really complicates everything. But if I feel it’s a question of protecting my life, I might just do it.

NHS page to help deal with anxiety about the virus.