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Second Wave

It’s September 14th 2020. The second wave of coronavirus is now here in Britain. In the book ‘50‘ I wrote about what it was like as the pandemic hit with the first wave, and I continue from where I left off, here in this blog.

Schools have just gone back for the autumn term. But fear is in the air again. Anxiety is settling back into my head. The frustrating thing is that when the number of infections was rapidly declining back in June, my school refused to open. The children have been off for six months solid. Now that cases are rapidly escalating, the school is open. It doesn’t make sense to me. I was so frustrated, almost angry, in June. Keeping the school closed felt like the lazy option, it felt like they were letting the children down, especially since it felt comparatively safe outside. I wrote about this in ’50’. My kids were desperate to go back, and I was desperate for them to go back! Now it’s a different matter. Although schools are determined to keep open, the virus is running rampant in society once more and I’m worried that my kids will bring the virus back to me and I’ll get ill again. I’ve only just recovered from the first infection.