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I Don’t Want To Get It

I’ve had it once. I really don’t want to get coronavirus again. But my terrible, unhappy feeling is that it’s inevitable. With two children at school how am I going to avoid it? On the news this morning there was a report about an American man who got Covid-19 in March, tested positive, recovered and tested negative, but a few months later got a new infection and tested positive again – but this time the disease was much worse. How terrifying is that? I dread getting it again. It’s a very frightening thought. I live in a constant state of mild fear, like millions of other people, just waiting for it to come and get me, waiting for suffering. I secretly want to take the kids out of school and hide away at home until this second wave passes. If the situation starts to get really bad again, I might just do that. It’s a very difficult decision to make, I don’t know whether the school would allow it, and it really complicates everything. But if I feel it’s a question of protecting my life, I might just do it.

NHS page to help deal with anxiety about the virus.