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In The Minds of Young Twins

Here is a brief snippet of a randomly selected early morning:

[We are in a rush leaving the house to go to primary school]

Amy: can I have a plait?

Me: Well Amy, you always pull them straight out and we’re in a hurry. We’re going now.

Amy: <shouting> I want a plait!! I promise I won’t pull it out, I promise, oh please… <stamping, crying, shouting>

Me: you’ll just pull it out straight away like you always do. Now come on, it’s time to go.

Amy: <screaming> AAAAHHHHH I WANT A PLAIT, AAAAAAAAAHHHH <stamping foot on floor, screaming> I promise I won’t pull it out, I won’t pull it oouutttttt!!

Me: <sighing, eye rolling> ok, STAY THERE <she has shoes and coat on and the front door is open. We almost made it outside> I’ll go and get the band <I take my shoes off, go upstairs and get the band then come back downstairs>

Amy: Actually I don’t want a plait.

Me: But you just begged for one and made me go all the way upstairs to get the band?!!?

Amy: <wailing> DADDY, I want daddy!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH <sobbing and crying as if I have done her a great injury or injustice>

Jack: <crying with tears streaming down his face> I want a plaaaaait!!!