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Three Months of Grim Winter Lockdown Easing, at Last

The children are going back to school as this long winter lockdown finally begins to ease. In the UK, cases of Covid-19 are now low, most vulnerable and older people, including myself, have been vaccinated. I believe the chance of any of us getting the illness, and especially of getting it so severely that we need hospital treatment, is very low. At the moment I feel positive, more so than at any time in the past year (apart from perhaps July/August 2020).

I’d be happy for our children not to have to wear masks all day at school. I think it’s still a wise policy for adults in confined spaces, but for kids to have to wear them every day, six hours per day, is too much, and probably not even necessary. Let them be free, I say. I very much doubt my kids are going to give me, or anyone else, Covid, especially since they’ll be doing lateral flow tests every week.


It’s early September 2020 and the kids have gone back to school. But BEFORE they did, they both got (normal) colds and of course passed it on to me. Ever since having Covid-19 back in April, whenever I get a normal cold it’s much more chesty than usual. I feel as if my lungs are a little bit packed with cotton wool and that taking a deep breath isn’t quite filling the lungs as it should. I’m muted in the chest, I feel a tiny bit suffocated. I’ve never had asthma, but Lindsay says that’s what it feels like. Can Covid-19 give you an asthma legacy? Yet another thing to worry about.