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Sanex Zero Sensitive Deodorant Skin Reaction

In case anyone else has a bad reaction to Sanex deodorant, sensitive version, and is wondering if they’re unusual, this is what happened to me:

I chose this deodorant because it doesn’t have aluminum in it. Medical research shows that aluminum from antiperspirants can build up in your body (if applied frequently) and there are some who suggest that there is a link to breast cancer, but no direct evidence shows this and I’m skeptical. However, since I do have breast implants and many of the symptoms of Breast Implant Illness (BII) I didn’t want to add an extra layer of risk.

So this morning I applied the Sanex Zero Sensitive deodorant under my arms and immediately felt a stinging sensation. After five or ten minutes I had a look and the skin was angry and red. I hastily washed it off with soap and water and the redness and stinging quickly went away. I’ll never use it again. There is some bad ingredient in there! I’ve never had this reaction to an antiperspirant or deodorant before.

The full list of ingredients is:

Aqua, glycerin, stearth-2, PPG-15, stearyl ether, dimethicone, steareth-21, parfum, lactic acid, sodium lactate, caprylyl glycol, sodium benzoate, calcium silicate. One of those isn’t good for the skin at all.