Ocular Migraine

I think I’ve just had an ocular migraine for the first time in my life. Here’s what happened:

A small smear appeared in my vision, like a tiny thumb-print on a pane of glass, which then started slowly expanding. Wherever I looked, it was there to the left side of my vision, but I had the impression it originated in the centre (and moved away every time I tried to look at it). Then it developed flashing rainbow edges, very bright and jagged, which expanded outwards more and more, until, after about 10 or 15 minutes it disappeared. I got the impression it expanded so far that it went outside my field of vision.

It was terrifying. I thought I might be about to have a stroke! But later, when I texted my friend and happened to mention it, she was able to tell me what it was straight away. It’s migraine with aura. And this is the aura. Migraines I’ve had for years and years, but this vision disturbance is brand new to me.

My friend also told me I shouldn’t be on oestrogen HRT if I have aura because there is an increased risk of stroke. All I can say is thank God I’m already almost weaned off the HRT. I’m just doing half a pump of Estradiol gel now (and taking progesterone tablets to protect my womb). I can’t wait to be off all this artificial hormone stuff and go back to my natural state. Hot flushes are far preferable to strokes.

1 thought on “Ocular Migraine

  1. Guestspeaker

    Avoid as much synthetic drugs. Consult a homeopathic doctor to find out which homeopathic drug you have to take by each different view (mist, blocks, moving black spots, white spots, etc.) Each signal needs another drug like Nux Vomica, Hypericum, Bryonia a.o.. The drug which would go best with your personality you best keep in your pocket to take it straight ahead when signals appear. Because when reacting to late, it will be too late! When reacting in time you can avoid your anti-migraine injection, which you probably also already have with you each day.

    Probably you also already use the quick solution to avoid a lying in bed in the dark for three days: a little of black coffee(10 ml) with a full lemon squeezed; not so tasty but very sufficient to get rid of the terrible headache.

    Good luck & Keep safe and healthy.



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