Trump is History!

Or will be as soon as January comes along.

The American people have come to their senses and voted for Democrat Joe Biden to become the 46th president of the United States of America. Thank goodness. Proper Covid measures can at last be brought in to protect the people (mainly from themselves) and the US can now rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and the WHO. Nasty, aggressive, policies brought in by Trump can be reversed and deleted. What a relief. Democracy is back in America. Everyone I know is delighted.

Meanwhile the UK is on Day five of Lockdown 2.0. We’re doing okay. I’m taking the children for walks at the weekends and they’re still going to school during the day, so nothing much changes for us, which is good. No eating out though. No going swimming, visiting the shops, or meeting up with friends. No getting professional haircuts. Paul and I did Jack’s hair with clippers in the kitchen on Saturday, and to our surprise it came out very well. Saved us £10! We may continue with this after lockdown (if he’ll let us).

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