New Three Level Covid Alert System for the UK

Depressingly, there are now more people in hospital with Covid in the UK than there were in March. This virus is coming to get us once again. A general feeling of fear is starting to kick in… although not for young adults. They don’t seem to care two hoots about the virus. Yet more parties of hundreds of people have been broken up – hosted by people who have actually tested positive, would you believe?! Unbelievably selfish. They may not be severely affected themselves, but they’re highly likely to pass it on to others, who could be.

In response to these rapidly escalating cases, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that there will be a new three tier alert system in England. The categories are ‘Medium,’ ‘High,’ and ‘Very High,’ with each classification determining what type of intervention is needed:

Where I live, the risk level is Medium, so, for now, we have a relatively unvarying way of life, which these days means strict social distancing, frequent washing of hands, and mask-wearing outdoors in crowded public areas and shops. The Prime Minister has ruled out a national lockdown, calling it the “extreme route,” but I have a feeling it’s coming anyway, sooner or later…

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