Grim and Grimmer

The news in the UK is depressing. Covid-19 cases are rising exponentially, and death rates are fast increasing. Apparently you’re three times more likely to die from Covid than flu or pneumonia. New restrictions are expected to come into force any day now. It’s slightly worrying because Keith and I have just booked a short, two-day break in Bath. He’s paid for it in full and I’ve booked for us to have afternoon tea at The Pump Room. I have no idea whether we’ll be able to go.

We’re starting to feel everything closing in again. It’s been raining for days and I have a headache. Today Amy developed a sore throat, mouth ulcers, and a tummy ache. I hope she gets a good night’s sleep and feels better tomorrow. Thank God there’s no school – inset day, whatever that is.

3 thoughts on “Grim and Grimmer

  1. squaggyjug

    Bath is lovely. I really hope that you get there. I ran a Zoom last night for my ex staff from Barton’s Bookshop. It was fun but not as good as a real live meeting.

    Peter Snell Sent from my iPhone



  2. Anonymous

    I suppose these days we have to take whatever (safe) socialising we can get. Its not the same, but I guess it’s better than nothing. x



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