Donald Trump’s Got Coronavirus

Yesterday Donald Trump told the world that he has been diagnosed with Covid-19, although his doctor accidentally said the President tested positive three days ago (before he went campaigning in Minnesota and attended a fundraiser event in New Jersey). Ten members of his staff and work colleagues have also tested positive. What a stupid bunch they are. Donald Trump is famous for saying the virus is a hoax, that it is fake news and something made up in a lab in China. He has repeatedly spurned using a mask and keeping socially distant, and has said some truly mad things about possible cures, such as injecting disinfectant or bleach, and killing the virus with strong sunlight. He’s 74 years old and is clinically obese so is firmly in the vulnerable category for getting the disease severely. Today some of his staff say the President is at a critical stage, others say he is absolutely fine. We can only infer that Trump is probably rather ill with the infection he laughed at and didn’t take seriously for so long.

America has seven million known infections to date, and 200,000 deaths. It’s just one month before the people vote for who they want to be President for the next four years – Republican and all-round horrifying narcissist, Donald Trump, or Democratic old timer and fellow senior citizen, Joe Biden.

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