One Million

One million people have now died with coronavirus across the world. This is a grim milestone – and yet it’s only the known and recorded number of infections. In reality it’s probably much higher than that. When I started writing 50 in July 2019, the virus that causes Covid hadn’t made the leap from pangolin to mankind yet. It was a different world. In December, in a town called Wuhan in China, it was first noticed that there was a strange pattern of deaths surrounding a particular wet market, and although there had already been many victims and hospitalisations the authorities were still denying there was any possibility this new virus could be transmitted between humans. The world should never forget Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist working in Wuhan Central Hospital, who alerted the authorities to a new and dangerous virus, but was told to stop spreading false rumours! He was summoned to the Public Security Bureau where he was told to sign a letter stating that he was “making false comments” and that he had “severely disturbed the social order”. Not long after, he himself caught Covid-19 and died (despite being only 33 and healthy). This shows the arrogance and ignorance of the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. They would rather their citizens died than tolerate, or listen to, anything that sounds like a contradiction to their power. Now the entire world is severely affected thanks to Chinese cruelty to animals. Millions of people will probably die in the future. Vegetarians and vegans throughout the world can’t describe their frustration and anger. Environmental destruction, false beliefs about traditional medicine, and a total lack of compassion towards animals has caused covid-19 to exist. Human beings have to change the way they treat animals and the environment unless they want more of this in the future.

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