There is a Tax Fraud Case Registered Against Your Name

This frightening automated phone call that I received today is a scam, a hoax, a nasty aggressive phishing attempt. Do not give these crooks any details, in fact, don’t even speak to them. The recorded message says that if you don’t immediately press 1 to speak to an operative, charges will be pressed against you, you’ll be taken to court, and even that you will be arrested shortly! Then the message ends. HMRC would never contact you like this, by recorded message out of the blue, in such an aggressive fashion. Just put the phone down in victorious silence. Rest assured, there is no tax fraud case filed against your name. I think the bad guys are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic and all the grants and government help that’s been made available, and possibly people might feel they’ve done something wrong or a mistake has been made. I know that’s how I felt.

Meanwhile, today the UK Covid-19 alert level has been raised to 4, meaning the virus is in wide circulation in society and transmission is high or rising exponentially. Again. DEEP SIGH.

Official HMRC page for information about scams and phishing:

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